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Comments and Reviews


  • In this difficult time in my life, I wanted to say Thank You for making this online service available to all and for answering to my question regarding my divorce. It was quick, straight to the point and very inexpensive.  I appreciate your support and your consideration for confidentiality. So, in case I haven't said it enough, THANK YOU!

  • Thank you for this excellent service. I'm now on the right path regarding child custody and I recommend this legal advice service online to anyone who needs some guidance regarding their specific situation. Regards

  • I recommend this service to anyone looking for quick legal advice about family law by email. The answer to my question was personalized and very professional. Great service and very simple to use!

  • Thank you to Ms. Smith who spent almost 15 minutes with me on the phone and helped me to see clearly about my current situation (divorce). Nothing is perfect and still a lot of work in front of me but the legal advice I received was very useful and cheap compared to go see a lawyer in my city.

  • Many thanks to and the lawyer that was referred to me for handling my recent request. The lawyer was kind and he handled my queries quickly, explained things clearly over the phone, and provided some useful tools. I will contact you again if I need your help in the near future but hopefully this divorce will be avoided. 

  • Outstanding experience and highly recommended. It feels good to have a lawyer that is available to answer our questions about family law and without judging us. A quick answer by email was all I needed. Thanks for everything.


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